Job responsibilities:

1. responsible for the company‘s various types of computer documents number, printing, typesetting and archiving;

2. report and now arrangement, in order to better carry out and implement the work;

3. the completion of other tasks assigned by the Department manager.

Post qualification:

1。 the image of good, good temperament, age at 20-30 years old, female;

2. 1 years related working experience, secretarial, administrative management and other related professional priority;

3。 Familiar with office administration knowledge and work flow, have the ability to write basic business letters and strong written and oral communication skills;

4。 familiar with the official document writing format, skilled use of OFFICE and other office software;

5。 work carefully, strong sense of responsibility and integrity。

6. working hours: 9:00--18:00, 1 hours at noon meal time. The bag eats not.

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